布莱克羊创意公司是路易斯安那州的领军企业 牙科市场营销 机构. We specialize in developing family dentistry websites and 搜索引擎优化 services to help your practice grow.

We’re here to make your business more profitable by providing the most cost-effective way of getting new patients into your office or clinic by utilizing cutting-edge digital marketing techniques like social media and search engine optimization (搜索引擎优化).

Our team of experts will work with you to develop an effective strategy that increases your patients and revenue. 通过我们行之有效的策略, 我们可以帮助你改善你的网络形象, 让更多的人知道你能提供什么. 你永远不会遇到 候诊室又空了!


最有效和最经济的方法之一 吸引新病人 就是通过网络营销.

我们提供各种各样的服务,将帮助您获得更多的网站访问者, 领导, 电话, and appointments from search engines and social media platforms such as 脸谱网 and 推特.


We can increase the number of patients that come in for service and provide 社交媒体营销 和搜索引擎优化服务,以帮助在搜索引擎上排名.

我们的团队一直在帮助牙医, 医生, and other healthcare professionals in Baton Rouge grow their businesses for nearly two decades.

凭借我们在 牙科市场营销, we can help your practice be seen by potential patients who need dental care in Baton Rouge.



  • 牙医 网站bat365 和发展
  • Social media management, including 脸谱网 posts, tweets, Instagram posts, 等.
  • 搜索引擎优化(搜索引擎优化)
  • 内容营销
  • 谷歌我的生意 (GMB)设置和优化
  • PPC advertising to get more patients in the door and generate new 领导 or call into your practice.
  • 声誉管理 来帮助你确保你的评论是切中要害的.
If you’re looking for 牙科市场营销 in Baton Rouge, call today for your free consultation.


我们bat365和开发移动友好型, professional websites for dentistry that rank highly in search engines to help you 吸引新病人 and help your practice grow.

We’ll create a dental website that’s easy to navigate and has lots of relevant and engaging content so people can find out more about your practice from the moment they land on the home page – like:

  • 当他们来预约的时候, 
  • 你提供的服务
  • 如果他们的牙科保险包括特定的程序
  • 牙医多久看一次新病人

Our web development experts will deliver you a website that not only looks great but it helps you fill your waiting room!




社交媒体营销 是一种引起潜在病人注意的方法吗.

我们可以建立 an account for you on popular social media platforms like 脸谱网 and 推特 so that you’re able to post updates, 视频, 新程序照片, 甚至宣传口腔健康相关的话题, so people who might not necessarily have a dental problem know the importance of oral care.

我们还可以在Linkedin这样的热门平台上为你提供练习, Instagram, Pinterest, 和Snapchat!

If you need a few pointers about how to use these platforms for your dental office in Baton Rouge, 那我们也很乐意提供这种服务.


搜索引擎优化是搜索引擎优化的缩写, 指的是增加网页在搜索引擎中的排名. 搜索引擎优化 helps people find your website and visit it without having to type in the URL – so they can learn about you more quickly and determine if they want to set up an appointment with Baton Rouge dentists like you.

We say quality because there’s plenty of 搜索引擎优化 that is done cheaply and doesn’t work. Our team knows how to create a marketing strategy specifically for your practice.

This 搜索引擎优化 process is crucial because potential clients are looking for dental care nearby, and your website needs to be easy to find in search engine results to see what services you offer or the details of how much it costs.

这种形式的 网络营销 帮助您的牙科实践被发现在搜索引擎结果页更高, 导致网站访问者和新患者.


PPC advertising is a form of digital marketing that helps bring in new patients to your dental practice.

我们可以建立 支付每点击 广告帮你找到新病人. PPC advertising is an easy way to ensure that your office shows up when someone is searching for dental services in Baton Rouge, so it’s a great place to start if you’re new or if you have been struggling to generate new 领导 or 电话 from potential patients who need dental care.

We’ll make sure everything is personalized with content about your dental office in Baton Rouge! We also offer PPC ads on popular networks like 脸谱网 or Google without spamming people.



您的GMB是最简单的方式,以实现本地搜索引擎优化优势. 它是免费的,快速的,容易设置. 我们会帮您安排好小巴的, 优化, and updated so that you’ll show up when people are searching for dental practices like yours.

It also helps people find out more about where your office location is located – whether it’s near them or not. 

We’ll set up a GMB profile (business page) that includes all of your contact details, 主要道路指示, 照片, 视频, 诊所小时, 评论, 等.


声誉管理 is a form of online marketing that helps you repair your reputation on the internet. We’ll monitor what people are saying about your dental office and create content to respond, 澄清误解, 甚至提供 奖状 那些在你的诊所有过美好经历的病人!

如今,在线评论很重要, 如果你不好好照顾他们, 那么你在巴吞鲁日的牙医业务就会受到影响. 我们可以监控谷歌,脸谱网, Yelp等平台上的评论!, or even YouTube to ensure that no one is talking about bad experiences with the office!

任何好的 声誉管理 策略包括在你的GMB上进行评论, Yelp, 脸谱网, 还有其他人们谈论你的网站!

We’ll monitor what they’re saying to make sure you get the best 评论 possible and work with patients who have had a negative experience so we can help them out or offer solutions.

你需要巴吞鲁日的牙科营销吗? 我们可以帮助! Message us today or call to schedule a consultation with one of our experts.

How does your dental practice rank for the keywords that are important to you most right now? 

Call us at (225) 505-3834, and we’ll do a free search ranking analysis for your website.



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